5 Best Hair Straightener In India In 2021

The Fashion world is always on progress and tastes of women changing every moment of life. To cater to the innovative needs of its customers the fashion world keeps inventing new products that can increase their beauty by a higher level. Beauty of women is included in many factors, one among the same being healthy beautiful hair. While many women consider long hair as the symbol of beauty and some women think short hair suit them and increase their beauty. Whatever may be the length of the hair, the many style hair has been converted today forms a part of fashion today.

The predominant hair texture styles are Permed Hair that looks highly curly and rough and straightened hair that look straight and soft. Beauty apparatus are available to straighten the hair. Straight hair increase the beauty of women and make them impressive. Now a days most of the women straight whenever they go for a party. And you are here to find the best quality hair straightener, than you are at the right place, we will provide you a list of best quality hair straightener through which you can select the best one for your self.


01Philips HP303 Hair StraightenerVIEW ON AMAZON
02Remington S2002 Hair StraightenerVIEW ON AMAZON
03Panasonic EH HW17-P62BVIEW ON AMAZON
04Philips HP8314 Hair StraightenerVIEW ON AMAZON
05Inalsa Trendy Hair Straightener VIEW ON AMAZON

1. Philips HP303 Hair Straightener

Material UsedPlastic
Item Dimension76.2 x 12.7 x 7.6 Centimeters
Hair TypeStraight
Maximum Temperature210 Degrees Celsius


Philips HP303 Hair Straightener comes in black color and looks highly elegant. The ceramic plates that are infused in Philips HP303 Hair Straightener protect the hair while we straight our hair. This product from the house of Philips doesn’t only straighten the hair, but also help in curly waves at the end of the hair strands. This is mainly because of the highly advance technology that is built into the product.

Philips HP303 Hair Straightener gets heated up in just 30 seconds and the maximum temperature that it emits at any point of time is 210 degrees Celsius. This is very good quality hair straightener, and it is of very effective cost everyone can buy it easy. It is very easy to operate evey one can use it easily.

2. Remington S2002 Hair Straightener


Maximum Temperature Used229.4 Degrees Celsius
Heater Surface MaterialCeramic
Power SoruceCorded Electric
Item Dimension30 x 2 x 2 Centimeters
Item Weight272 Grams


Remington S2002 Hair Straightener has ceramic coating that is very useful in protecting your hair from burning while straightening your hair. This product gets heated up in just 60 seconds. This product offers ease of use to users through its 360 degrees swivel design. Remington S2002 Hair Straightener comes with an adjustable knob that allow you to adjust the temperature according to your requirement, you can increase or decrease the temperature.

It help you to get the glowing, shining and soft hair just in few seconds. It removes the dullness and roughness of your hair. It takes very less electric so it is your power saver hair striaghener. It is of very reasonable cost and also easy to operate every one operate it easily.

3. Panasonic EH HW17-P62B


Power SourceCorded Electric
Material UsedCeramic
Item Dimension28 x 224 x 34 Millimeters
Item Weight271 Grams


Panasonic EH HW17-P62B is a best quality product that is very helpful in providing shining and softness to your hair. The sleek and lightweight design helps people to carry it form one place to another whenever required. When hair gets straightened using this model straightener it becomes shiny and bright. This advanced model hair straightener helps people curl the same by using it in a twisted manner. The maximum temperature that is emitted out of this hair straightener is 200 degrees Celsius.

This model comes with a temperature adjustable knob. It is very easy to use every one can use it easily. This hair straightener has photceramic coating that is very helpful in protecting your hair from burning while straight your hair.

4. Philips HP8314 Hair Straightener


Maximum Temperature Used 210 Degrees Celsius
Item Dimension 76.2 x 12.7 x 7.6 Centimeters
Power Source Corded Electric
Surface Material Of Straightener Ceramic


Philips HP8314 Hair Straightener is a highly elegant looking product that comes from the prestigious Philips brand. The inner plates of Philips HP8314 Hair Straightener come with ceramic coating and offers higher levels of protection to the hairs and provide shining and softness to your hair. It comes with wide plates which can iron long and thick hair strands in an efficient manner.

This product give you elegant look. It is of very lightweight and you can carry wherever you want. This product use universal voltage so you can use it wherever you want. It just heat up in 60 second thus it saves your time also. It is of low cost and you can buy it easily.

5. Inalsa Trendy Hair Straightener


Maximum Temperature Used210 Degrees Celsius
Item Dimension76.2 x 12.7 x 7.6 Centimeters
Power SourceCorded Electric
Surface Material Of StraightenerCeramic
ColourBlack and Gray

Inalsa Trendy Hair Straightener is the product of Inalsa brand which has introduced many novel beauty products in the fashion industry. The products of this brand are highly reliable and long lasting. Inalsa Trendy Hair Straightener provides a long cord enabling users to work on the hair even from a reasonable distance. As like any Inalsa brand beauty products, Inalsa Trendy Hair Straightener also comes with a one year warranty. This of very low cost and everyone can buy it easily. And it is very easy to operate everyone can use it.

Type Of Hair Striaghtener For Wome

1.Ceramic Flat Irons:

These, as the name suggests, have ceramic plates for an even heat distribution. The only concern is that over time the ceramic coating can start peeling off, effectively taking away its smoothing effect. This is very effective for protecting your hair from burning and provide elegant look to you. Their best quality is that they heat up just in few second. They are used for everytype of hair like curly fuzzy and simple hair.

2.Titanium flat Irons:

Titanium is the superb coating on the hair straightener. Means they are safe to use and heat up just in few seconds. However they are some costly than the other but they are very effective to use. They are best for the curly hair and give softness to the hair and light weight so they are easy to carry.

3. Tourmaline Flat Irons:

As indicate by the name, the plates on these irons are infused with ground tourmaline dust. They require less heat to operate. They also help in protecting your hair from damaging and give shining to your hair. They also provide voluminus to your hair.

4. Straightening Brush:

A straightening brush is like a hairbrush that is used to smoothen the hair from the roots. Many brushes are equipped with scad technology to prevent burning in the scalp. They are equipped with ionic technology to remove frizz and are very gentle on your hair.

Is Straightener Good For Your Hair?

Straightener makes your hair look shining and fizz free. But you should not practicing regularly to straight your hair. Regular hair straightening will lead to breakage and damage to your hair. It will permanently damage your hair and it will difficult to restore in healthy condition back to your hair. It is advised to you to striaght your hair occasionaly like marriage function and party.

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