Top 7 Best Electric Food Steamer In 2021

Nowadays electric food steamer is very common in every kitchen, they are the best kitchen appliance for healthy cooking. You can find it by its name as steamer means it prepares the food in steam. Preparing food using oil, ghee is not healthy for our lifestyle, it affects our health in various ways. We can face serious health problems like gas bloating, heart problems, also increase the cholesterol level in our body, using the oil preparing method of cooking.

So electric food steamer is the best you can prepare healthy food that increases your health. We can use steam to prepare food like Rice, Eggs, vegetables, Idli, etc. It not only maintains the color of the food but also the vitamins and nutrients also. And you are here to find the best food steamer, than you are at the right place will help you to find the best electric food processor, we will give the details of the best food processors that will be helpful for you in selecting the best food processor.

List Of 7 Best Food Steamer

#RankProduct NameView On Amazon
01Philips Avent Combined Steamer and BlenderVIEW ON AMAZON
02Inalsa 5L Gourmet Multi-Function 500W-Food SteamerVIEW ON AMAZON
03Meyer Stainless Steel Induction Bottom, 3 Level Multi SteamerVIEW ON AMAZON
04Wonderchef Nutri-Pot 3L 7 in 1 ProgrammableVIEW ON AMAZON
05Steemo Multi Steam CookerVIEW ON AMAZON

1. Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender

best electric food steamer


Item Dimension16.5 x 16.5 x 30.8 Centimeters
Power30 Watts
Item Weight2000 Grams
Warranty2 Year

Main Functions:

Compact Design: This steamer has very compact design that is best for the storage. It makes it worthy.

Steam Fruit, Vegetables, Fish or Meat: This combined Steamer and Blender is not only for vegetables but also use it for steaming fruit, meat and fish and anything that suits your baby’s tastes or the vegetables you have. The Steamer and Blender’s efficient steam cycle means that food is cooked optimally to maintain its original texture, nutrients and cooking liquids. Also suitable for sauces and finger food.

Healthy Food: Boiled food loses original taste and nutrients, steaming helps you to preserve nutrients. All cooking liquids are retained and can be reincorporated in blending.

Easy Water Filling: An easy-fill steamer means no messing about.This is the best quality it has.

Steam and Flip Jar Over: Steam the ingredients, then simply flip over to blend.

Efficient Steam Cycle: This steamer and Blender’s has an efficient steam cycle that means the food is cooked to maintain its original taste, nutrients, and cooking liquids.

Few Parts to Clean: With only a few parts, it’s also simple to clean important for busy parents.

2. Inalsa 5L Gourmet Multi-Function 500W-Food Steamer

best electric food steamer


Power500 Watt
Item Weight900 Grams
Product Dimension27 x 21.5 x 23.6 cm
Warranty2 Year

Main Functions:

Concealed Healing Element: The element is concealed from view, under the inside floor, to stop it from furring up with limescale. Thus the healing element makes this steamer long-lasting and durable. This is the best thing for you.

LED Indicatior: Set cook time up to 60 minutes. Auto shut-off, when the cycle is completed. Power indicator light gives you a visual reference to know when the unit is On. This feature makes it unique.

Easy Lock & Unlock: This steamer is made up of a very simple design. That design makes it very simple to lock and unlock the steamer. The lid locks provide convenient cooking and prevent steam escape.

Min- Max Indicator: Water-Marking has been provided in this food steamer bowls. They indicate the minimum and maximum amount of water that can be poured inside the bowls that is appropriate for food steaming.

BPA-Free: BPA(Bisphenol A) coating releases toxic chemicals and is linked to serious side effects. Avoid the risk of these health affects with Inalsa’s Gourmet Food Steamer with BPA-free containers that provide you with safe and healthy cooking.

Powerful steamer: Efficient and powerful steam is circulated in the bowls. Even distribution facilitates fully steamed, fresh and healthy food in less time.

3.Meyer Stainless Steel Induction Bottom, 3 Level Multi Steamer

best electric food steamer


Capacity8.5 L
Warranty2 Year
Item Weight4.87 Kilograms
Product Dimension36.9 x 35.9 x 16.7 cm
MaterialStainless Steel

Main Functions:

Easy storage: This food steamer has three baskets nest together easily and conveniently that helping you to save storage space. This is a very good feature it has.

Fast and energy: The three baskets mean you can cook three different things at the same time, saving precious time, effort and fuel. This saves your time.

Large steam holes: This food steamer allows the steam to pass through evenly, promoting even and healthy cooking.

360 degree heat: Evenly and quickly distributes the heat so that there is no hot spot or uneven cooking.

Large vent holes: This allows extra steam to escape so that the lid doesn’t bang around and your food doesn’t get sticky.

Extra-wide tempered glass: Comes with dual advantage the transparent glass allows you to monitor the cooking process without lifting the lid and the wide rim prevents the slippage of water/moisture.

4. Wonderchef Nutri-Pot 3L 7 in 1 Programmable

best electric food steamer


Capacity3 Litre
Item Weight3900 Grams
Product Dimension33 x 28.5 x 28.5 Centimeters

Main Functions:

One touch cooking: Nutri-Pot has 18 pre-set functions, each carefully curated for all your cooking needs. Most of the receipe are for indian vegetarian and non vegetarin.

Nutritious food every time: Unique locking system of the Nutri- Pot lid locks all the nutrition inside the food thus providing healthy meal. Specially fabricated anodized aluminium pot is durable, non-reactive and transmits heat from the cooking to prevent from burining.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Recipe Book: Achieve perfect results every time with Nutri-Pot Recipe Book by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Nutritionist Nahid Khilji. Explore more than 50 customized Indian recipes to help cook succulent & flavoursome food for you and your family.

7 in 1 Appliance: It is a combination of 7 different appliances put all-in-one in your kitchen. It acts as a Pressure Cooker, Sauté/Fry Pan, Slow Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Steamer, Warmer & Rice Cooker.

5. Steemo Multi Steam Cooker


Brand NameSteemo
Item Dimensions38.1 x 27.1 x 25.1 Centimeters
Item Weight5000 Grams
Material UsedAluminum


Dual-Steaming: Make mealtime more exciting and your plate more nutritionally balanced with colorful, vitamin-packed meal. It is very easy to operate and you can vegetables of your choice and they will get steamed just in few minutes and you can enjoy the healthy vegetables.

Save Electricity and Time: This electric steamer starts producing steam just in 30 Sec. Thus this save you electricity. Also the ​Heater consumption is only 600 watt. It consumes only one unit of electricity in 1½ hrs approx.

Retains Food’s Nutrition Content: Steam method of cooking retains much of the food’s nutrition content as well as eliminating the need for added fats and calories from cooking oils or butter. Vegetables cook tender and crisp and fish moist and flaky.

60-Minute Timer And Easy to Cook: Set cook time up to 60 minutes( all time mentioned in the cook book for each receipe ) Timer Auto Shuts-Off when cycle is completed and/or water has finished. Power indicator light gives you visual reference to know when unit is on. Healthy meals are simple and easy with the STEEMO Double-Tiered Food Steamer along with pure soup.

Steaming Bowl For Rice: In the steam cooker cooking is done through steam produced by the water at the base which passes through the holes in the steam container in which food has been placed. This steam gets released through the vents provided on the upper cover. Since no food has been put into the water, the nutritions and vital vitamins are not drained out along with water as it takes place in normal cooking.


How To Select The Best Electric Food Steamer

While purchasing the electric food steamer for your kitchen some things you have to keep in your mind through which you can select the best quality food steamer for yourself.

The number of tiers:

You have to select the food steamer according to your requirement. Most of the electric food steamers are selected based on these factors as it tells you the capacity you want to select. If you like to cook 2 dishes at the same time you can go for the 2 tier one as it will separate the dishes with the layers in it. Likewise, you can select the 3 tier steamer if you want to steam the 3 item at a time.

Power wattage:

The power to the heating element comes from the power wattage of the motor. So, the more the power wattage the faster the water in it turns to the steam.

Automatic shut off feature:

It is a very important feature to see in a steamer for cooking where it reduces the time and energy bills of the user.

Safety protection:

As we are dealing with electricity-based products we need to be very selective on this factor. However, in this electric steamer for cooking, there are some chances for water dries out and overcooking which are dangerous to deal with. So, selecting the one with water dry out protection will turn off the products to avoid any further danger.

Material made up of:

We choose this steamed food for healthy intake, but the material used in this process should not affect the food while steaming like poor plastic quality. So, go with the product that has made up of food-grade material that is safe while steaming.

Timer feature:

Every food needs to be streamed at a particular period of time only then we can enjoy the real taste of the steamed food. On that note, we need to select the product with a timer option so that we can set the desired time for the particular food to steam.

Detachable baskets:

We need to select the detachable baskets included product for easy cleaning and storage access.

Benefits Of Electric Food Steamer

  • Saves time. Cooks food in a quick period and is easy to use.
  • Requires minimal supervision. Comes with a timer.
  • Healthy way of cooking. Locks in most of the nutrients and retains the natural vitamins and minerals successfully
  • Preserves the structure of the food. Veggies retain their structure and colour.
  • Requires no oil to cook as it uses steam to cook the food.
  • Considered by many to be the healthiest cooking method.
  • Saves time, money and effort.
  • Does not require much clean up and is less messy compared to other cooking methods.

Different type of food steamers

  1. Electric steamer: An electric steamer is a standalone cooking appliance that do the cooking for you without any obstacle. You have to put the food of your choice just keep in it, close and lock the lid. After this, you select the appropriate setting on the appliance and start the cooking process.
  1. Steamer basket: A steamer basket is one of the simplest ways to steam vegetables. It is directly inserted into a pot or a pan and then used on the stove. It is a simple process – you just need to add a little water into the pot, place the food item that you want to cook in the basket and close the lid. As the water boils, the steam will stay contained and cook the food.
  2. Combination oven/steamers: Combination steamers, also known as hot-air steamers, can produce both dry and moist heat. They can shift between these two modes automatically during the cooking process. For example, it can steam food of your choice like vegetables and any other things that you want. These types of steamers generate steam to cook the food.
  3. Pressure steamer: One of the most useful food steamers available is a pressure steamer. It uses a combination of steam and pressure that allows for effective heat transfer. This way, the cooking time is shortened by almost half, as compared to traditional cooking methods. Pressure steamers are useful for low temperature cooking, fast steam readiness and high nutrition retention of the food item.
  4. Convection steamer: In a convection steamer, the steam circulates at a normal atmospheric pressure through convection. In many cases, this is done with the aid of a small fan. The high level of moisture and lower cooking temperature ensure that nutrients are retained as much as possible. Convection steamers may take longer time to cook certain foods because they work on the low temperature.

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